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Boat Handling Skills

Sea Kayak Coaching

Would you like to learn boat handling skills, improve your technique and prepare for kayaking qualifications? 

It’s very easy to get started with paddlesports. Unfortunately it’s also very easy to develop bad habits from the outset.

On a sea kayaking journey 99% of the time is spent forward paddling. Without training, people usually get this basic technique wrong. As a result their speed is adversely affected, as is the distance they can travel. We can show you how to go further, at a greater pace, for less effort.

Join us to learn other techniques including how to turn and steer your boat, hold a course and handle rougher conditions.


Master the essential skills and gain complete control of your boat for a better sea kayaking experience.

Our 1-star and 2-star paddlesport courses are the easiest way to get started on improving your skills.

We specialise in sea kayak coaching to develop paddling techniques, along with safety training and expedition skills.

Autumn Training

Each autumn we run training days, as well as some scheduled expeditions, to acclimatise you to the conditions you may encounter at any time of the year paddling on the ocean.

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How to Book

At Kayak Majik we want you to have the best paddlesport experience possible, which is why we don’t sell off-the-peg tours. We’ll take the time to learn about you and your previous experience. Please complete our booking form, telling us as much as you can about the¬†adventure of your dreams. We’ll get right back to you.