Argyll Sea Kayak Trail

Sunset at Bellochantuy

Argyll Sea Kayak Trail (2 legs)

In July 2014 I was asked to paddle a couple of legs of the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail, which was officially being launched  at the RYA Commonwealth Flotilla event. Doing the longest leg from Tarbert to North Bute during the afternoon of Wednesday the 23rd, then on to Toward Point in the evening, where I was welcomed at the local yacht club and handed over the baton.

For my efforts, they put me up in a nice B&B in Rothesay, where I watch the Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games.

‘Island Bagging’ Bute

The next day, I took the opportunity to continue around Bute and also fitted in a quick trip around Inchmarnock, before heading back to Tarbert, adding two more to my growing ‘Island Bagging’ score.

The following weekend I was invited to the Official Opening of the Trail at the Commonwealth Flotilla gathering and was a guest on one of the VIP boats, the Clyde Clipper, during the flotilla journey…….. G & T?… ‘Don’t mind if I do!’

Around KINTYRE for ‘Tarbert Little Gym’

It was quite early in the year when I came up with the idea to paddle around Kintyre, thinking if I planned the trip for June I would get good weather…. It wasn’t to be that way.

I was joined on some of the legs by friends John and Suse Coon (who also kindly offered to do ‘shore watch’), but did most of it solo, including the bit around the Mull, which actually turned out to be easier than expected, apart from getting stuck in the tidal rotor just North of the Lighthouse, which cost me an hour of hard paddling.

The trip involved three long days of paddling, mostly against headwinds, covering between 30 and 40 miles in 10 to 12 hours on the water.

There was a final leg on the fourth day, on which I was joined by Ali and Aiden, to complete the challenge which involved a portage to get the kayak back from the West Loch into the Harbour. The ‘Tarbert Little Gym’ Project benefited by over £1000 from the kind donations and sponsorship I received for doing the circumnavigation and I also get to claim Kintyre as mine!

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