Ocean Paddler

It’s been a challenging season, but I still managed to get lots of people out onto the water between the storms for a paddle. I’ve also been enjoying writing for the Ocean Paddler magazine. The latest issue includes the ‘A Bit of a saga 4 – Relax and Roll’ article (A big thanks to Janet West, Pure West Media, for the excellent photographs).

RELAX & R-R-R-O-L-L is a mantra I use to maximise my chances of successfully rolling back up. If you just want to get that one reliable roll for the 3* and a ‘go to’ roll for future accidental capsizes, this may be the training method for you? It’s based on a MIND – BODY – BOAT – BLADE – BREATHE sequence which you do slowly, methodically and calmly to maximise YOUR chances of success….I’ll be starting the ‘Saturday Soak’ sessions again soon for anyone wanting to learn this and/or practice self-rescues and to acclimatise to the reducing water temperatures for winter paddling. Also another 3* skills training course is planned for the New Year. Details and dates to follow soon, please let me know if you’re interested in attending these sessions. Cheers, Dave.

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